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Baby and Me Yoga:

Yoga is known for its ability to open hearts. There is a special bond between babies and their loved ones Baby and Me yoga provides 60 moments to a family pair to connect heart space and move together. Both baby and Mommy get to move and groove with movements that will promote joint flexibility and healing for both. Although most commonly moms attend this class, any parent or family member is welcome to come. Baby can be in any state- sleeping, eating, happy, or even cranky. Bring a couple of toys, diapers, pacifiers, bottles, anything you want or need. Classes will leave parents feeling connected not only to their babies, but also to one another. This class will resume in the Fall.

Birthing a Family!

Introducing Birthing A Family birth classes! Come discover why a birthing experience that supports your goals is better than a one size fits all class offered at hospitals. This comprehensive class focuses on how to make the best choices for you and your baby. Learn about natural comfort techniques, medical interventions, the many choices available to you, as well as prenatal health, breastfeeding, the postpartum period, and newborn care. The fee for this course is $290 and includes all materials. For more detailed information on this 8 week course, please visit my website at www.birthingafamily.com. I look forward to meeting you and helping you sort through the amazing amount of birth information out there!

Breast Feeding Support:

Breastfeeding is such a wonderful bonding experience with your new baby and seems so easy, but sometimes can be so difficult. Join us for a free 60 minute support group with our in house lactation consultant Sara Dale-Bley, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant. Each week we discuss several helpful topics as well as providing participants with a scale. This support group is free!

Cloth Diaper Class:

Join us for our monthly FREE cloth Diaper Class! Our in house diaper consultants walk you through a step by step tutorial of cloth diapers and all the systems that you can feel comfortable using! Also receive 10% off your entire cloth diaper purchase once you've taken the class with us, our way of saying thanks! THis class is every 3rd Saturday of the month.

Herbal Classes with Holistic Pathways

Herbal Safety in Pregnancy, New Mama and Baby Herbs, & Herbal Medicine Making 101. These classes go over the simplicity and effectiveness of herbal medicine with children and Mama's. To see a full description of each of these classes taught by Laura Mathews, certified Clinical Herbalist, please check out the google calendar above on the date the class is offered. Thank you!

Infant Massage:

Follow the ancient traditions of Ayurveda, Yoga and Swedish Massage through a well researched Infant Massage Course for you and your baby. The International Association of Infant Massage has developed these group sessions for you to learn to massage your baby in a group environment that allows for deeper connections with your baby, your partner and other parents. We will also briefly explore parenting questions like: sleep, crying, bonding and much more! This class is for parents and their babies up to 12 months of age.

Mommy & Me playdate:

Join other mamas and babies for this hour long playdate, where socialization and developmental skills are the hot topics! Our play specialist will give you tools to help your baby crawl, sit, move, and groove! Join in on the fun!

Partner and Me Massage + Baby Tag!

2nd Wednesday of each month, 5:30-7:00 pm. Excellent date night! Specific techniques in pain reduction for the childbearing year. Interactive demo instruction. Offered by Valerie Bowker-Davis RN, CMT, Pregnancy and Postpartum Massage Specialist. 20+ years of experience and 1000’s of massages given. In a recent study the primary worry for partners was the severe pain and suffering of their mates and feeling powerless to help. In this class you will learn specific techniques for pain reduction that you will utilize throughout the childbearing year. As you continue practicing at home, refining your loving touch, the family bonding will be enhanced and the diminished stress will be nurturing for all. Come and discover the power of simple, loving, educated touch AND play Baby Tag too!

Limited number of participants, $75 per couple. Contact for RSVP, questions valerie.bowkerdavis@gmail.com; 303-333-0491 Wednesday of each month, 5:30-7:00 pm. Excellent date night!

Play and Grow NEW CLASS!

Learning and playing, playing and learning...these start from the earliest days of your baby’s life. Learn how to optimize playtime with your child to encourage self-regulation, attention and engagement, two-way communication, problem solving and imaginative
play. Take home strategies that you can use right away that will deepen your connection with your child while helping him develop tools to connect with the world around him. 6 Week class at $108

Prenatal Yoga:

Each class is customized to meet your needs depending on what stage of pregnancy you are in. Calm poses, relaxing stretches, and rejuvenating breath work and meditation exercises will prepare your mind and body for the journey you are on. Expectant fathers and women who have just given birth are welcome as well! Join us and you will meet other expectant families here in Denver, and have your questions answered about pre-natal health! Tusday evenings at 6 pm,

SPIN (supporting Parents and Infants in the Neighborhood):

Six Weeks of help...when help is needed most!

The first weeks and months of life with a new baby are filled with wonderful times and times that leave you wondering. Meet other parents, exchange experiences, and get help for those new baby challenges! This group meets for six weeks in the evening so both parents can attend. Babies attend the group too. No babysitter needed!

Common topics include: Infant sleep, feeding, and soothing, establishing a routine, returning to work, communication, staying connected as a couple, and MUCH MORE!

INCLUDES A NIGHT OUT FOR MOM AND DAD! PLease check our schedule for the next 6 week series!

The Great Juggling Act: Finding Harmony with Work and Baby.

The Great Juggling Act: Finding Harmony with Work and Baby. Trying to keep all the balls in the air after a new baby joins your family is challenging to say the least. A new baby comes with many surprises—even if this bundle of wonder is not your first. One of the biggest surprises can be forging a new identity as a mother and as a professional. Stay at home? Work part-time? Go back to a full-time job? Start your own business? And how can you do it in a way that works for you and your family? This interactive workshop is specially designed to address the unique challenges of moms with babies under one year of age who are transitioning back to their professional lives, as well as moms who have recently returned to work. Not sure where you’re at on the journey?Join us to consider all the possibilities, plus much, much more! Facilitated by an HR professional turned career coach, a small business coach and entrepreneur, and a postpartum doula and early parenting specialist, we invite you to come explore these topics in depth, learn how to keep things together at home, and meet and support other moms in similar situations.

Tot Yoga:

This awesome class is great for your little yogis in the house! It is a 45 minute drop off class designed for children 3-6 years of age. We teach the basics of yoga with sun salutations, movement with song, and relaxation with a short shivasana. We hope your little yogi joins us for this class, and maybe you can even get a little relaxation in yourself! Please check our calendar above fo rthe next 6 week session.

Wills & Wellness

Join us for this lunchtime class! Bonnie Bowles, organized mom and estate planning attorney, reaches out to growing families (like yours and hers) to educate you about protecting your children by naming a guardian and planning for emergencies. Learn how to help your family avoid the hassle and headache of probate. Bonnie's talks are very kid- and family-focused, and she makes it easy to learn about the ins and outs of estate planning. Having a plan in place is invaluable to your loved ones. Please join to learn more! As a new mom to lovely daughter Evangeline, (and twin boys on the way!) Bonnie understands that spending time away from your little one is not always easy. Children are always welcome at Wills & Wellness Talks! Please RSVP at www.willsandwellness.com so we know you're coming!

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